Nora’s Starlight Journey

At the recent Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia ‘Five Chefs Dinner’ in Perth, we heard Naomi talk about her daughter Nora, Nora’s fight with Neuroblastoma and the journey she and her family faced.
At just eight-months old, Nora was fighting for her life. Amongst a routine of surgery, chemo, needles, and endless tests, she still managed to stay brave, retaining her smile and laugh.
We’ve been a proud and long-standing sponsor of the Starlight ‘Five Chefs Dinner’ and are thrilled to be part of the Perth community that helped raise enough funds for Starlight to deliver their hospital programs at the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation for nearly 4 months and 27 children will have their life-changing Starlight Wish granted, just like Nora.
It was incredible to hear the inspiring story of Nora and Naomi and humbled to be able to help support such amazing individuals.